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Poetry Corner

As Usual

As usual, I hop in

I give him a kiss

And he starts the car


I take off my jacket

I situate myself

I grab his hand

We are witnesses taking the stand


He drives, I talk

He smiles, I stop

One palm in the other

We bust out laughing together


We play music

We’re crazy fanatics


We talk, we laugh

We giggle, we chat

We walk hand in hand


We walk in the cold

We walk in the rain

It’s joy, there’s no pain


Heading to our camp

We jump in the elevator

And whoever is “SID” is the starter


Whichever floor we ascend

With certain rules to bend

In a weekly meeting we attend


Once windows are closed

Once curtains are drawn

What happens inside,

Shouldn’t be a concern to the outside

Friday, January 30, 2015

I've never...


I’ve never kissed anyone the way I kiss you

I saved the “I love you” for you


I always enjoy indoors and outdoors with you

When inside…

Being in your embrace

Feeling the softness and hardness

The slow and fast moves

The screams I make and the sweats you sweat

Calling your name and squeezing you

In a faint smile I say, “I love you”

Your lovemaking is so exceptional…

I’ve never felt rushed

I’ve never got smashed

I enjoy every move…


When outside…

Just the simplicity of things…

The walks we take

The kisses on the streets

Leaning against the trees

Learning each other’s feelings


You gave me the freedom

You gave me the time

To sink it in…

So I fall for you


I’m what you make me…

Being pleasant and fun

Being so different

Being so caring

Being so considerate

Being a gentleman

You got in to me

And I fall for you


I’ve never kissed anyone the way I kiss you

I saved the “I love you” for you


Cold but warmer


Being in the cold nearly for an hour

Climbed the top and the tower

We generated energy and power

In the brutal cold we got warmer


                            Sunday, March 1, 2015

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